Sara is a young Egyptian vulture born at CERM in 2015 which was released in the Gravina of Laterza (Puglia Region) in the August of the same year; on Septembr 21st 2015 she reached Niger and there she stayed until May 5th 2017.

On that date, unexpectedly, Sara started migrating northwards and yesterday (May 19th) she had already travelled 3.000 km arriving at a distance of about 400 km from the Mediterranean costs.

Young Egyptian vultures usually spend 4-5 year in sub-Saharan Africa, later on they come back to Europe every spring for breeding and they spend in Africa the only winter season.

On the contrary Sara decided to move at an earlier stage and in the next days we'll know if she will come back to Italy or if she will spend the summer in north Africa.

It's interesting to notice that she is following a return flyway which is very different from the route used during her southwards migration; we could therefore assume that she's following some other individuals.

In this period on Messina Straight at least 10 subadults have been sighted while usually their number remains very close to 1-2. This situation should be studied in order to discover its causes, probably the same ones which are related to Sara's premature migration.